I look forward to co-creating expansion, and what life situations produces,

and an atmosphere of forward motion.

Such a good-feeling forward motion. 

Let us create.

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Weekly guidance to Mindfulness is the key to life.

My Blog on WordPress is the passage to help create an understanding of how thoughts create, and what you are creating, and what to do about it.

Suzanne is a creative speaker on amplifying the power of the mind.

Suzanne Massee calls herself a 'Creative Thinker', because she will draw out of you the provoking new concept of thoughts, and how thoughts creates the emotion and environment, to all your desires.

Suzanne is the authority on the power of thoughts, and stimulating the potential within, for individuals, businesses and organisations. This translates to greater enhanced individual well-being, and a much improved personal life plan and vision.  No longer will you spend your life accepting anything short of your dreams by imagining them, and visualizing them into reality.

Suzanne inspires audiences to take the first step which brings about change, despite what may be active now, and having the focus to follow, and believe, and be confident in the solution.


Suzanne’s story of her journey (Near Death Experience where she was pronounced dead, and how this all came about,) is nothing short of inspiring, and reveals how a single person with a passion to make a change can influence unprecedented advances in the world around us. Her story is engaging and enlightening and certain to leave an impression.

Without any formal qualifications as a Restaurateur or in Hydraulics, but with the ability of foresight, and a strong focus with the Hydraulics Company maintained best in sales for four years within the franchise, and then to a new experience with the Restaurant being overall winner 2003 Wine and Food Challenge Award For Nelson-Marlborough -West Coast Region in New Zealand.


Then Suzanne’s near death experience, and what Suzanne experienced of the unseen energies changed Suzanne’s direction and outlook on life, and who we really are, to becoming a prolific writer on and about the Inner Consciousness, with the books;

‘Clarity’ ‘Thoughts Create' and 'Conversations with Consciousness'

It is the discovery of, who we really are.  

It is the discovery that you create the atmosphere whether in relationships, business, work, and health. It is the discovery that everything is a frequency of energy, and it is all created in thought.

Suzanne will inspire and enlighten your team with her story and experiences through her books and her speaking, Suzanne inspires you to live to your potential, and to be the deliberate creator to what you want and will inspire you to a new thought and thought pattern.

Create Now- All thought is energy and you have the power to create your intent to what you want.

Imagination- Imagine transforming a disinterested employee into real enthusiasm, and reigniting the professional passion in your core team or motivating your staff to feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

Change your mind-set- You'll disembark with a different attitude towards your life - an attitude that enables you to rise above the blockages! Change your mind, change your world.

Leading edge Creators- True leadership does more than simply inspire, it transforms. It allows you to take whatever team you have, and create pure success.

Deliberate Creators- Ever wonder why some people and or businesses seem to achieve far more than others when they both seem to have  the same resources. You will learn the importance of deliberate creation, how to develop it, and how to sustain it. 

A Purposeful Life - Become the imaginary architect of your dreams and change your life forever. Whether you are a company made up of thousands of dedicated employees, a small enterprise staffed with just family members, or just one individual, greatness ultimately begins with one thing... great dreams and a focus er to the outcome.

Suzanne will show you how to create an empowering vision for yourself, your business, and your team.