Chakra Cleaning Meditation

Chakra Cleaning Meditation


Collective Intelligence is an energetic energy field, the spine is the power grid, upon the spine it has activation points, no different to a spark plug if it is clogged and dirty the energy cannot flow. When you focus upon cleaning these disks you will find body ailments will disappear.

Hard to take but your body is a hologram and houses this Divine energy, you are the will of the Divine, let it work and live through you, instead of you living your own will.

You must gather your thoughts to a new thought, in a short time the very essence of who and what you all think and thought you were is going to evaporate, and if you focus upon the Divine energy of cleaning the Chakras you will evolve to the fourth dimension, and those who don’t will be in the dark density of the third dimension, you do not have to stay in this dimension just retrain your mind and focus upon the Chakras, bring the light in.

Until you try the Chakra meditation, will be the time you begin to understand how the energy flows throughout the body and what you feel or receive while you do this process. Find yourselves again. 

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