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Updated: May 3, 2019

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. : Albert Einstein

Creating miracles into manifestation is in the capabilities of each, and all, who understand the laws of the universe. Miracles are the natural ability that we all have, and for those that have the miracles call it a miracle, it is better to call it a miracle than to observe that it was your point of attraction of your vibration to create into reality.

It is getting your head around the concept that you are not here in the physical you are here in the spiritual and this is what you have to connect back too, it is a major thought thinking process of changing what you view yourself as, it is listening and feeling for the signs, not observing and making it happen, because normally it does not work out, but the inspired feelings is guiding you to the next path to the next path. Be honest when reading this, have you had these feelings of inspiration, if you are really honest then you will and can relate to this connection. I know you all have had this feeling, and why, because what I can do you can do as well. Being in true alignment is deliberately allowing the next path, all you have to do is put into your imaginative filing system all the things you want, and feel how it feels to have the wants if it came into being, if it feels really good in thought then you are connected to your Inner Being, if it feels confused or wishy washy it is not it, or you have some vibrational cleaning up to do.

The universal laws are all about emotions, feelings, thoughts, and what vibrational frequency you are on.

Vibration is a fine tuning of your frequency imagination into the law base universe to what you want.

If you want a lover your frequency has to be a match and be in frequency with this vibration.

If you want more money your frequency has to be a match and be in frequency with this vibration.

Everything is energy, everything is vibration, we are here to create; we are here to deliberately create, we are here to remember our own emotional guidance system, we are here to tap into the indicators of this emotional guidance. It is a fine tunement of your Source energy within, to the frequency of non-physical infinite intelligence, once it is a match to that desire and it is felt in deep meaningful vibration, then and only then the miracles will manifest into reality.

It all comes down to where your point of attraction is to the laws of the universe, and that is you only get what you are wanting, no exceptions. You can want a desire, but if the desire has a negative to that desire, this becomes the predominant thought, it is what you are focusing upon is what you will receive, this is the prominent thought base, the not having of it.

What sets you apart from believing, is what has been taught to you, many well-meaning peers, teachers, parents disrupt your progress dictating who you should be or to conform to their ways, when they do not even recognise their own guidance system, or of Source or what Source is, and to what relationship that you have with your own Source.

Welcome to a new thought vibration

Who are we

How would it feel, this is the underlining message.

How do you feel?

How do you feel to open to a new way of knowledge?

If you feel good and not discrediting, you have attained alignment with you, and are a willing component to want to understand more, and to make connection to the very older wiser part of you.

It is the perception that death is death, and the only one who will rise again is the son of God, this misconception to this prophecy, is far from any understanding of truth, and the truth is every single Human – Animal – Mammal – Bird – Insect, rises again and again, you come to live and experience in each life time of which you choose to live in, and you have chosen to create in, for the expansion of you.

Expansion is created by thought, thought is an energy frequency, this energy frequency is felt in your emotions, when you allow this thought to digest you will feel a movement within you, which is letting you know you have attuned to this energy of your Spirit or Inner Being or the Source of All That Is, or the God force within you, whatever word you choose to use is up to you, you will only know in how you feel when you use the word.

So when you come to understand the eternalness of you. You would not fear death; death is a joyous time of emerging back into the purest state of alignment with all the Collective Consciousness vibrational frequencies of energy. So when you consider a death route for another you are only creating this vibrational energy to the most purest vibration, and for this vibrational energy to re-emerge back into another physical body to re-create expansion for their own vibrational energy frequency. If this is true then the son of God has re-emerged many, many times and in each time into another physical body, of which could be a woman, a man, a bisexual, a gay, a lesbian, a handicap, and so on; and the choice is from what the energy of frequency it has chosen to experience for its own expansion of its own vibrational escrow of creation to expand upon, and all the choices to expand upon are all chosen by you while living in the physical body, you put all the desires into a holding vibrational frequency from each lifetime to expand into a living of the reality experience. You choose and have chosen everything about you to expand you, you have chosen your family, your body and your experiences to expand your thoughts to clarify what you want for you, and when these thoughts gather enough momentum of feeling good and feeling satisfied with who and what you are, and where you are, and have learnt to allow the Collective Consciousness to gather the momentum to what you want, your wants will become a manifestation of the see it, hear it, and touch it reality. This death experience does not mean you are going to end this life, whenever you feel like it, because you will only re-emerge again and start all over again; you are here to expand YOU, you have a powerful energised vibration eager to expand, ending one’s life time while living in a physical body is releasing a resistance within you when expansion has ceased, and no further growth is imminent in this physical body. Expansion is cleaning up thoughts, and finding the thoughts you hold resistance too into a positive thought, where you feel emotionally no resistance to those thoughts, this is deliberately creating you into powerful focusing of thoughts and emotions, because the emotion is what Collective Consciousness feels and then delivers more feelings to the good feelings. This is where manifestations occur; it is showing the universe you are maintaining a frequency of positive thoughts.

While you are digesting, this new thought you may feel a resonance, this is a wonderful sign, because you have allowed your vibration to rise.

Now consider too a new thought, to expand to more thought, how is it that those Intune have the ability to see, and hear, and feel energy, all can do this connection, all that stops this ability is your own resistance to the energy, if you consider that you are a frequency of energy. Would it not be conceivable that you can tune into this life stream also, no one is any more special than you, this is your expansion, this is your time to clarify desires, and build this escrow and then to believe in this escrow with no doubt, to realise your desires into a manifestation. You can all do this, it is only through the resistant thoughts, and your own beliefs, and your own negative thoughts to who you really are. A belief is only a thought you keep on perpetuating, if you like it keep on perpetuating the thought, if you don’t like it then change the thought to what you do like. This is all you have to do, and when you do then you have got it. It is very simple get happy, get satisfied, think good thoughts, only look to what feels good, and if it doesn’t feel good, look away.

Let us take the approach of a vibrational energy who is very excited to gather more expansion. This vibrational energy is gathering momentum, and is readying itself to re-emerge into another physical body; this vibrational energy knows the laws of the universe and is very excited to remember, and to remember how to obtain, and to allow the connections between it and the Collective Consciousness of All That Is, which is pulsating and expanding vibrational frequencies.

The Law of Attraction says; nothing comes without giving your attention to it, and nothing stays without giving your attention to it. Wanted or unwanted, the unwanted becomes a more dominate thought conditional pattern, the more you observe the more that it becomes, humans have a dominate thought pattern of spewing what IS, which than becomes more of what IS, and the desires and dreams for better are outweighed by the negative thoughts of what IS, then the belief of better or what you know within, is doubted, or thoughts of what could be recedes.

Laws of the Universe

Law of Attracting Alignment

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Imagination is the eye of the soul

: Joseph Joubert

Alignment is the work of the mind, it is in the thoughts, it is in the feelings, it is in the emotions you feel, it is in the reaching for good thoughts, it is making peace with where you are, it is letting go of resistant thoughts, and the timing is all about alignment, and how aligned and in fullness you are with you.

How simple can it be; at which end of the scale are you standing in, and at what point of attraction are you attracting into relation to what you are right now, or want to be. Create the energy you want. Be aware of how you feel.

First step; acknowledge that you have come into this physical body in this life time reality to expand the Source within, your Inner Being. Acknowledge that there is a greater part of you that exists while living in this physical body, acknowledge a greater part of you which is your Inner Being is on an eternal experiencing journey, that you are eternal, you can never die, your physical body dies, the non-physical part of you is eternal, and you will come back into another physical body, at another point in time, to re-experience into another life time reality, to expand for your growth and the expansion of your Source.

This is being in true alignment with the non-physical part of you, your Source energy, you are here in the -NOW- leading thought to an even greater level of expansion of your Source through you, to another contrasting thought through you, and you are ALL on the leading edge of focus of thought, you are all here to take thought to a new level, and to allow the flow of this vibrational energy of this collective consciousness of intertwined energy stream which is flowing energy through you, and receiving energy through you.

You may have heard many times you are here, living here the spirit life living in a human form, this is the most truest concept to understand, it is changing your thoughts of not looking at the tangible but feeling the intangible which is the only existence of you, nothing else exists around you, the only thing that exists is the vibration of your Inner Being and the collective consciousness of this stream of energy. What exists outside of you is only the bouncing of place to decipher what you want for you, it is the choosing place only, and then you imagine what you want for you and what feels good for you, for you to build the energy of what you want to come to you.

This is the full embodiment, of who you really are, an energy stream, to what you want to become, for an even greater experience of expansion of your Inner Being within, and when you do, avenues of thought and feelings begin to emerge, vibrational emotions are felt, these feelings are the indicators; they form impressions, impulses and thoughts of the next path.

True alignment comes forth from the universal non-physical stream of infinite intelligence energies, guiding the lit path; signs emerge into relation to what you desire, from your dominate thought pattern. When you allow in the vibration into receiving, then this vibration translates into thought, or vision, or hearing, or knowing.

How are indicators reflected; the laws of the universe is a vast pulsating vibrational energy stream of infinite intelligence, it feels, it feels emotions, it feels thoughts, when meaningful emotions are reflected, and it becomes the true essence of who you want to become, the universe works alongside you guiding you, giving you the indicators, are you open to view, feel or hear these indicators;

Indicating signs are reflected all around you, by way of songs, if a song is being persistent in thought, look at the song, look at the lyrics, what is non-physical infinite intelligence trying to tell you or guiding you too. A song can play at the very moment you have a thought or question, being in true alignment you will recognise instantly the message relayed to you.

A thought may pop into your head that is a thought completely out of the blue, look at it and observe the message infinite intelligence non-physical is guiding you, ‘this way-this way’.

You may have thought patterns of a question, and open a book or paper, and the very topic that were your thoughts, is reflected back to you. Indicators come via number plates, bill boards, TV, radio, the birds and the bees, the clouds, the list is endless. Unusual signs just jump right at you, observe it, follow your instincts, this is a powerful interaction between the greater non-physical part of you and the physical part of you.

When you are tuned into vibration occurrences start to be played out, you are placed at the right time, in the right place to open doors. Or processes are played out to evolve you onto a greater understanding of your expansion of your Source energy, and when aligned with the desires which you have created in imagination the non-physical brings about the manifestations of the desires.

We are all on different paths, we are all expanding at different vibrations, some of us know our path, and some have no idea until they set out some parameters of intentions, wants and desires, then these wants and desires start to expand and change or evolve even greater expansion of wants and desires, until the realisation that these wants and desires can be manifested into reality, and you can do it by what you are thinking, and by what you are feeling. Your mood is the indicator of the emotions you are attracting.

Define those intentions and desires and allow yourself into the fullness of who you really want to be, or to become, it is all about thought, emotions and feelings, and a deep appreciation of the whole of you into well-being. This is the relationship of your emotions and thoughts holding a stable fine tunement to the atmospheric vibration which can be felt; it is the frequency of being on a radio station and wanting another radio station, you have to tune into this station.

Obstacles cross your path to realign and expand the whole of you to a greater expansion, this is a joyous occasion, and it allows you to look at what vibration you have activated, and defining what the contrast was meant to be, any contrast is redefining who you are, and bringing you further clarity to what momentum you are attracting.

You cannot control your surroundings or what is in the world, but you can control your vibration, your feelings and emotions to feel good, to feel your worthiness, to feel your thoughts, and your own alignment between you and you.

The Law of Attraction says; nothing comes without giving your attention to it, and nothing stays without giving your attention to it. Wanted or unwanted, the unwanted becomes a more dominate thought conditional pattern, the more you observe the more that it becomes, humans have a dominate thought pattern of spewing what IS, which than becomes more of what IS, and the desires and dreams for better are outweighed by the negative thoughts of what IS, then the belief of better or what you know within, is doubted, or thoughts of what could be recedes.

The concept of mirroring is a mirror of you, it observing like upon like, or that is likened to oneself is drawn, situation upon situation, it is observing you in how you are feeling.