• suzannemassee

Freedom of Thought

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in freedom!

I am not projecting freedom from the vantage point of being free physically, but from the freedom to choose thoughts.

Thought is freedom, you have the choice to choose your thoughts in any given moment, because in every moment it is now, not the past, not yesterday, not what someone else is doing, only what you are doing right now, and how you are doing right now, in your thinking process.

Your thoughts are creating who, and what you are, and when you discover the thoughts you are creating, and then to discover the emotion you feel after the thought, and how you feel in the moment, this is true discovery of freedom, and you have the power to choose the thoughts in every given moment of now.

You are here to create and expand you, and to find the feeling place of thoughts and emotions.

There are many emotions, fear is an emotion, love is an emotion, powerfulness is an emotion, satisfaction is an emotion, confidence is an emotion, hatred is an emotion, frustration is an emotion, anger is an emotion, eagerness is an emotion, excitement is an emotion, and the range of emotions is unsurmountable. If you take the emotion of love there are many forms of love, it is an unconditional love emotion, love is a friendship emotion, feeling in love is an emotion, how you feel loving your pets, how you love in an activity, how you feel in love, how you feel viewing your world with joyous love, the love emotion is vast and you will discover the feelings of what it feels to feel in each emotion, but also identifying how it feels to the emotion, all these feelings guide you, when you feel if something you should do, and are not sure, you will feel an angst within you, this means you are not in synch with that thought, and when you feel yes! I want to do this or you feel an excitement within you, this is you in synch with your guidance system, and your guidance system will give you more thoughts, it then begins to flow like a current, this current is guiding you, it is not to counteract those thoughts, this is your inner guidance system giving the thoughts. But what most everyone does is disallows this thought to flow, and then doubts it, this is when you are not up to speed with this desire that you have hatched, it is for you to focus into more thoughts to that thought hatched desire. You have to expand this desire into your imagination, until you become so in tune and familiar with this desire, and then all consciousness will make a way for this manifestation to be realised by you for you to enjoy.

Your life path is eternal and within each lifetime you are expanding you, you are consciousness and all consciousness is thought, it is a pulsating energy of thought vibration every thought exists, and these thoughts can be re-activated at any time, it is up to the individuals whether they want to re-activate a thought or to keep a thought active, it is in these thoughts that create a thought which creates a momentum of the thought which creates an emotion which is felt, it is for the individual to realise and clarify which thoughts they want to gather momentum to. All thoughts are magnified and that is liken to itself is drawn, if you don’t like it, look away and focus upon new delicious thoughts. It is to change the thoughts to what you really do want only. To clean up old thoughts, is to look at the thought, and then look to another thought. It is re-focusing the thought.

Thought is the stimulator of thought to broaden your own perspective of clarifying what you really want for you, and this is all created in your imagination of how you would feel, and how you would want it to be.

When you make the decision to follow your thoughts and how you feel in the thought, and how it creates an emotion within, this is the ultimate freedom, this is you tuning into your vibrational energy.

Once you make the discovery of your own thoughts you will be the realiser to your own freedom, and you can be and do this right now.