• suzannemassee

Disruption of Religion

Updated: May 3, 2019

Religion is the frozen thought of man out of which they build temples.

: Jiddu Krishnamaurti

Vibrational miracles were not only evolved thousands of years ago but are on-going here today, and are disregarded by religious beliefs, they only believe in one man, Jesus who departed a long time ago, the doctrine’s idolization of the departed person, separated the individuals, from ever rationalizing the spiritual vibrational expansion of themselves, as being of higher consciousness and that individual man is The Source, individual man is what they call God.

The religions perspective is to let you stand still, morphed in the old ways, which was at a different time thousands of years ago, and has been so indoctrinated and given any credence to the present times, in the right here and now. But religion decreed that Jesus was the only miracle maker, these teachings kept the expansion of the Source the God within to be placed into a catatonic stupor. To teach a habit from the old ways is easier than to believe that we can do and experience in the right now manifestations and vibrational energies, of thought, feelings, emotions, and that these emotional feelings and thought is where it is all happening. You are here at the very core on the leading edge of thought, you are here creating new thought to expand you, and expand the universe. Law of attraction is future tense, not past tense. Expansion is not re-creating history, that is old news, that is old thought, this does not expand The Source (God) but holds The Source (God) unexpansive, we are not unexpansive we are expansion forever expanding.

You are eternal, and re-emerge into the physical at another given point in time to experience for the expansion of your Source your Inner Being, and that the culmination of the older wiser part being the non-physical part of you, has lived many life times with this knowledge, and has the knowledge of this power house of what Source is and can do, and that is, you create your own reality, your own purpose and your own manifestations. You are the extension of Source energy, and most of all you are Source, and to never lose sight of this, you are one whole part of The Source (God) not separate from it. YOU ARE IT, with infinite intelligence the masters, and all of those who have made transition into the non-physical guiding you along the way, cheering you along, with the full knowing what they didn’t know in the physical, and now know how easy creating is, and creating your desires and your purpose into reality. This is a pulsating parallel universe, that being the non-physical and the physical, the non-physical is living your desires, and it is you in the physical coming into alignment with the desire that you have projected to the non-physical.

The ministries have been controlling peoples very own guidance system for centuries; they make laws and control other individual’s guidance system to conform to their ways. One must only look up to and only love Christ for he is the truth and salvation, and that you are here to serve God, what about your truth, what about the love for oneself. These teachings create, and has created confusion to so many, created a disbelieving vibration, a judgmental vibration, a non-believing of the eternal Source within each and every one of us, and most of all you are not here to serve God, but you are here to expand God, which is you.

The impression of man is that God resides outside of you on a throne and dictates to you, and places fear and damnation, and he is a judgemental God, God is separate from you, God is blamed for so many catastrophic events, this is where the logic of these teachings about God, and to fear God, why does God take the good, and the list is endless.

God does NOT reside on a throne, God does NOT place fear or damnation or judgement on you, only YOU and YOU alone place fear, damnation and judgement on YOU, for you are The Source, you are what religion and man calls God, this entity of God resides within you. Nothing more and nothing less: You are IT. You are all here as unique physical beings and are all here calling yourselves to the well-being and wholeness to whom and what you are.

Jesus was a physical and non-physical entity and was no more special than you, he came forth to experience for his own vibrational energy and for his own expansion of Source, he came forth to create and grow to a higher vibration, he understood he was eternal, and will re-emerge back into the physical at another given point in time, and not only is he eternal, so are you, and you will re-emerge again and again. The creation of the bible exploited Jesus and in turn exploited many, when you can all do what he did, but instead have held Jesus above all else and made him your guidance, and to love him and him only, instead of you loving you and doing the same as he did. You are all of the flow of energy, and this energy flows through you; you are The Source and you are all Gods seeking the joyful vibration of truly being God in all its pureness, and maintaining being the totality of being the willing representative, the willing participator of The Source.

“Is it not written in the scriptures ye are all Gods” Psalm 82.6

“I consecrate myself to meet their need for growth in truth and Holiness, I am not praying for these alone but also for the future believers” John 17: 19-21TLB

Once again you are Source (God), you dictate to you, when this understanding happens, you will create an expansion so powerful within.

“The kingdom of heaven is within” Luke 17-21

‘Trust (believe) in the lord your God’ 2Chronnicles 20:20

You have to be tuned into your frequency vibrational energy, and then to acknowledge that there is a greater universal law, the law of being in pure holiness to your Source, this is what you have come into this chosen life time reality to experience the pureness of positive thoughts, that thought is a vibration, that emotions are a vibration, that this is a pulsating vibrational universe.

Isn’t it conceivable if God is not separate, but is taught as separate by religions perspective, and if the more is perceived by more that there is no separateness, then what is being taught and created has been misinformed to generations of people, then the religious teachings is coming from a place of being unaware and disconnected to what God is. You cannot teach what you do not know, and to teach what is within in the bible is not knowing God, or this life stream. Isn’t it conceivable to teach that God is you, would see the breakdown of these institutions, it is the perpetuating of teaching separateness that is the main stay of all religions.

This life stream of energy does not require temples, to seek solace, for you are the temple, solace is in you, in your thoughts, in your emotions, in your feelings. You are the creator of you, you have come here to experience for the good and holiness of you, you have the vibrational forces within you, you can dream desires, and you can experience natural miracles. It is all about you being in relationship to who you are at any point in time, your relationship with your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your mood, and your vibration. This emotional guidance system is always connected to the stream of energy, your emotions are an antenna, and it is consistently turned on; it is just a matter of focusing into the receiving mode.