• suzannemassee

A Happy Emotion is Creating

Wouldn’t it be nice to discover this powerful alignment which is within your eternal being, this eternal being is of well-being it is alignment it is happy it is giving you the feeling indicators to your thoughts it is of pure love it is expanding with those positive thoughts it does not flow with the negative thoughts which is why you feel such negative thoughts, it is your indicator telling you, that you are going the wrong way with those thoughts. This is powerful guidance and it can be felt, all you have to do is feel how you feel in the thoughts and once you do, you will be the realiser and the expander into new manifestations, and boundless expansion of becoming more, and the way to all of this expansion is to live and feel happy no matter what is going on around you, if you do not like what is going on around you, it is to focus your thoughts to topics that feel really good to you and to feel this happy feeling place, it is for you to find the magic within, and then the magic will become. Focus upon your thoughts and see where these thoughts arise from, is the thoughts coming from what you are observing, or of a new thought that you know you could not have thought that thought, this is the inspirational thought to follow that thought. The way to build momentum is to focus your thoughts, and to build up new thoughts, to read inspirational quotes, to watch a positive movie, to do what you like to do that makes you feel good, that makes you feel happy, and to feel the energy flow, find this flow, and your energy will rise. Think about a time when something happened and you knew it was about to happen and you felt it so powerfully within, feel this magical time and re-live it, and feel that feeling again, this is you aligning, and letting your Inner-Being know how appreciative you were of this magical time, and then your Inner-Being will bring about more magical times. Here are a few of my magical anecdotes; I respond to nature in a powerful way and know the signs, I had a strong asking for my readiness, a sign to be for a bird to hit my window, of which has never happened, sounds cruel to the bird, but it was an asking way out of the ball park. The next day, while critiquing my book, two birds flew into my window landed on the ledge and chirped and sang and chirped and sang. Once again some time later I asked again for a bird to come to my window for an answer to a question, and within seconds a bird flew to the fly screen and landed on it right in front of me, with strong asking and believing answers are delivered. I became more focused and I had a strong asking for a punctuation to my alignment, while biking to the swimming pool my thoughts were I would like a punctuation and I looked up to the sky and saw a hawk, a hawk would definitely be a punctuation, the next day while at my computer I heard a commotion and looked up to see a hawk fly under the veranda and straight into my window.

On Christmas day while driving, I asked infinite intelligence ‘When is the money going to rain on me’ promptly a ten dollar note flew over my windscreen while I was driving; I certainly received what I asked for. Be aware of the choice of words used. What happens is the human population treats it as coincidences, they are not coincidences, they were on the way to you, and they were all in the asking for, by you. Then they promptly forget about the feeling or how they interacted to the thought that created the manifestation. Now this is beautiful created manifestations to the thought flow, these thought flows also manifest the other side of the spectrum of dis-easement, accidents and negative interactions, it is all about your thoughts and where your thoughts are pointing too. Test the universe and be the realizer to your own thoughts, only you will know where your thoughts are taking you too.