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Suzanne Massee



Most everyone believes the brain is the thinking mechanism and creates everything.

The brain is the storage and nothing more, you access this storage and bring forth all that you have stored, that being the past, the future, the present, and what you observe in life, you bring all of this into the now from this storage brain, you must defrag this storage, and place it into a holding storage, you cannot delete storage because you made it into a storage existence. Only you can have this revealed to you again.

Refer your brain to a computer everything you save, is saved, you open files when needed, and when you delete files, it is never deleted, it will always find its way to be revealed.

When deleted files arise again, is always coming from you not letting go of that file, it is you not letting go of that subject.


Consciousness/God is the conceiver of the desire/need/wants.

The Brain is the receiver from the conceiver Consciousness/God.

The Mind is the perceiver from the receiver from the conceiver Brain/Consciousness/God.

Understand this process, identify are you trying to make a thing happen or receiving the idea to create the things to come into existence.



We have the term the old earth and a new earth, the new earthers meaning humanity raise in awareness and become more Intune with these energies and raise their consciousness to amalgamate into the fourth dimension, and the old earthers of humanity are indoctrinated with the narrative of reality and they reside in the place of resistance will reside in the third dimension and will relive old wounds and issues and karmic past existences over and over until they make the change and become more in expansion with consciousness, then they will raise into the fourth dimension.


New earthers will feel an energy within when they amalgamate with old earthers, and those who are awake and sense it will understand the feeling and transform their energies to look away, or to raise the thoughts and recognise what had occurred.

For example, I had an experience where I felt this negative resistance within me and I can tell you it was not a nice feeling at all, it occurred when I lowered myself into their topic energy, for three days I felt a spiralling, and this spiralling down was a penny drop when I realised I had joined the narrative of the third dimension earther’s, when this recognition occurred, and I realised it, I instantly felt better. Your internal switch can be instant when you become aware.

Now why would this happen when I am of a higher frequency, we sometimes have to experience things to have the realisation of what is occurring in the body physically and emotionally to understand how the thoughts and emotions occurred while mixing with the lower frequencies of the old earthers.

Humanity on the most part has no idea about thoughts – emotions – frequencies – vibrations – or even who they really are, or how your thoughts are the integral part of the entire solar system, and the role you play in it.



We are here to discover our truth.

How do you discover your truth?

Think like a seesaw, you stand in the middle, you observe both ends of a truth that may or may not feel right in your truth, one side of the seesaw resonates, this means you follow the resonate truth.

BUT is it the truth, because you may be resonating with a resonation that is in no way or form a truth, but you will follow because you need to feel a form of truth or to be heard.

Then there are some, who know the truth and decide to communicate the truth or to convert. Converting is not expressing a truth.

The only way for truth to be expressed is to be neutral and then you BE THE TRUTH and then either side of the seesaw will gather a new perspective of truth.

The principal where one sees a vision, this vision is their truth in their eyes, and for the one who does not see the vision cannot even equate to the vision as a truth, it is always in the eyes of the beholder who sees a truth, for the truth comes only from within.

This principal of truths is perpetuated by media they express their belief of truth, and for those who need to see to believe will follow this truth, without giving any due consideration to what the truth is and have created a path through the will from the masses with misinformed truths.

The valued consciousness communicator see’s the seesaw effect and allows the people on either end of the seesaw to believe in their truths, and allows this to be, and the consciousness communicator stands in just being and energetically expresses this light. In this state the consciousness communicator is connected with The Source of All That Is or as man calls God.



While we don the body we are in, our ultimate time in the body is to change the definition of what defines the mind of thoughts.

The human body incarnated to experience itself, and to challenge the definition of what you define as you.

Most of the population self-sabotage themselves, and then with the limited perception and opinions they will blame the others for the behaviour, without realising what they see in another, is the mirror image of themselves.

These persons will categorically deny that they could have this underlying symptom within them, and this reflective mirror is narcissistic thought tendencies, and the limited perception and opinions is bipolarism.  

For all of the people who are now categorically refuting this let us look at the traits, and at the same time identify some of these traits within YOU.

When you categorise another person for their behaviours it is you looking at you, because you could not have identified the behaviour unless you have it within you. It is the mirror effect bouncing off you with you.

Why is it important to identify the traits?

When you identify it is up to you to observe and to relook at your thoughts and change your thoughts to a neutral way of looking at what you are looking at in the mirror effect.

Why should we identify and neutralise?

To know yourself and be closer or working with Consciousness of All That Is raises your frequency to raise your dimensions in Consciousness, this is the very essence of what you have come to experience. To know thy self-more and in turn Consciousness Gaia knows it self-more.

We are not to name or to put labels onto a defined situation, it is the very essence of your self-sabotaged of thought information process, in the physical world these are named as bipolarism or narcissistic tendencies, of which can be defined in everyone.

Bipolarism Thoughts are  

Manic episodes: Extreme energy, elation or feeling high, or irritability

depression, sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interest, mood swings in either direction at the same time.


Narcissistic Thoughts are

An inflated sense of self importance

An extreme preoccupation with themselves

A lack of empathy

Rage, shame, or humiliation in response to criticism

Taking advantage of other people

Excessive feelings of importance

Exaggerating talents and achievements

Preoccupation with fantasies of power, and intelligence

Unreasonable expectations of special treatment

Constant need for attention, admiration, obsessive self-interest

Lack of empathy, a high roller, skilfully lies deceptive and convincing, uses sexuality as a means of control, unpredictable violence, blame game, controlling and manipulative.


You will become somewhat surprised the traits are within you, not everyone has all the traits, but most will have a significant number of them, identify and then neutralise those traits.

Look online and identify the traits you have and purposefully clean them up and neutralise them.

Just a note any thought you think and give it enough thought after thirteen seconds becomes a thought in motion and by the time you reach seventeen seconds you have installed this into your memory.

Always consider is this a thought you want to add unto you.

It is very easy to take on a thought and not so easy to release the thought.



The assumption is that the root of evil is evil, it is the good which was separated from good.

It is the beginning of YOU to understand what you have within you, the good playing out the evil, or the evil playing out the good.

We live in a mirror society, within these mirrors are many mirrors all playing off with each other’s mirrors.

We evolved from birth as pure goodness and understood that there is good and more good, it is the human population who changed the good, to not so good, to not so bad, to not so evil, to evil.

This word evil is used predominately, did you know to say someone is evil is you seeing a part of you as evil, we have a ying and a yang it depends on which one you predominately bring up, it becomes, you might call a dominate behaviour, it does not have to be dominate, it is recognising this proclivity to words and thoughts to look at what you are saying and thinking, is what is inside of you.

We came upon this earth to see good into more good, and when you see something not good it is for you to look at this not so good, as an indicator to clean up your thoughts to this topic, if we did not have the opposite of good we would not recognise when we are deviating from good.  

We have a tendency to look and say the Cabal is pure evil, without looking at the spiritual understanding of their part in this enactment of life, with what they are instigating and undertaking, is for those who understand the spiritual aspects of themselves to rise above what is happening and see it as the good it is doing for the woken human population to rise above and see the good coming out of this.

Always remember when you speak ill of someone it is you seeing a part of this in you, because you could not see it unless you have it within you, and if you are connected to thought and understand what you have relayed you then clean up this part of your energy to become more in tune with the spiritual connection with your inner consciousness and then you are becoming the will of All That Is The Source or as man calls God.



We all must thank the dark agenda, for if they were not creating what they are projecting for humanity, the light and the truth would not be revealed.

Once you open to a new way of connecting to a higher intelligence this intelligence knows when you are ready for more information. These light beings can only become more involved with you when you are ready for it.

Our bodies are energetic holograms created into a dense form, to the human minds they will dispute this and some emphatically.

We are all computerised circuitries connected to a motherboard, our thoughts are the formula and the light of the circuit, we control the direction of the current passing through electrical diode chakras, and the current flows in a forward direction. When the thoughts flow in reverse of the light direction it becomes blocked. You have one key function to flow, and that is forward thoughts without negativity.

We must evolve to this new understanding. I was part of the spiritual movement of knowledge, this to me is the beginning of old news, I have completely evolved and have this complete knowing who and what we all are, and when you get it, it is incredible how manipulated and blinded humanity is, and most of humanity can only perceive the world at the frequency they are at.

Your circuit is connected to the motherboard, this motherboard is part of the entire solar system, within this solar system are solar systems belonging to different species all working at keeping the solar system working relative to each solar system.

Humans have the most profound element to this entire network, and that is the vast emotions it contains, humanity has abused its emotions to take upon the dark side instead of bringing the light in and expressing the light. This was the deliberate act by the dark agenda to reverse the love and light from the humans to manipulate and corrupt the human minds, and what is on their agenda for humanity is not where you want to be.

These energies are observable when you raise your vibration. My daughter and I would see energies, they look like a mirage, but it is shimmering and pulsating, it looks like a person, but you can see through it. Your hologram is identifiable with the past and the present and can be manipulated into any time realm you wish, this technology the ‘med beds’ are already in use on earth and will be installed throughout earth to recalibrate the bodies.  

I will illustrate over and over again, imagine light, feel love, laugh, be happy, breathe down into the stomach with deep breaths, all of this lightens the human energy and raises the gamma frequency to be in line with this intelligence.


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