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Suzanne Massee


Private Email Divining Sessions


This is a service offered for those who wish to receive insight through the convenience of email responses. Through these Private Email Divining Session, you can ask detailed concise questions.

This works very similar to a standard private session, only instead, you are receiving an MP3 recorded response from Suzanne Massee personally that will be sent to you by via email.

The Process

Once you have made your purchase for the Questions by Email Session, you will receive an email providing instructions on submitting your questions and requirements for the session.​

These questions are done OFFLINE, so no personal interaction is necessary, and they are completed within 24 hours and uploaded to your email address.

​Please upload concise question, the pendulum does not answer airy fairy questions. The pendulum may answer in a simple Yes or No or may direct to a written text of information.

Please remember also that insight can only be provided based upon how you phrase the question. If a question is simple, you will receive a simple response.

By providing sufficient detail to your questions, this can produce more detailed replies. insight received is a mirror reflection on how you ask your questions.

How it Works


We are energies all connected to all things that being ALL NATURE.

HUMANS are NATURE. The pendulum works with the connection of your words and with my inner energy who is the connection in this process.

How can connection occur when we are in different parts of the world?

Everything is connected to ALL, so when you hurt another, you are hurting yourself. When you love another, you are loving yourself.

Think very mindfully your questions.


3 questions the price is $40.00

5 questions the price is $ 60.00

Energy clearing within a home the price starts from $250.00. Contact via email for estimate price.

Purchase the question session and go down to end of page and submit your details.

You will receive an email providing instructions for your session.

(All prices are in Australian Dollars and can be purchased through any currency via PayPal.)

Common topics:

Spirit Communication

Distance Healing for yourself

Personal Spiritual Guidance

Personal Self-Guidance training

Universal Teachings/Knowledge

Meditation Practices

Dream Guidance and Interpretations

Spirit Guides

Energy Clearing within a home

​​NOTE: Suzanne Massee does not offer any form of legal advice (court cases/issues), or financial advice (stock markets, investments) through her sessions. Thank you.

Important please do not ask questions that may.

Conflict with your own Free Will, i.e., Dates/times/events which involves others.

Lottery or large fortunes.

Life purpose nobody can answer outside of yourself. If you're uncertain of your life direction, please be specific in your questioning regarding help with life direction.

Please do not ask for medical advice Suzanne is not a doctor, but a healer. Please keep your healing questions clear and concise.

Suzanne is not available for Akashic Records. 


We all have free will, if you are directed to the next step to take and you make the choice to move in a different direction this is your free will.

If you know a person who you are associated with is not good for you and yet you stay, this is your free will.

The outcome of a divine message is holding in vibration until you tap into this stream of energy and re-energise it again, it does not disappear.

When things do not occur, it is always about where you are in the energy stream, it is all about timing, you may be ready for it, or not, or more light has to come onto the subject.

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