Weekly guidance to Mindfulness is the key to life.

My Blog on WordPress is the passage to help create an understanding of how thoughts create, and what you are creating, and what to do about it.


I was just an ordinary person, living a normal existence - or so I thought - until I had a near-death experience. This experience catapulted me into an incredible new journey.

This put me onto the solid road of the inner spirit; one’s very own path to the understanding and opening of the inner-consciousness.

How can a voice a minute before my accident tell me there was going to be an accident?

Where did this come from?

I started to question I wanted answers, to this unseen non-physical universe; there is something greater here than we are being told.

I had a strong asking, and this put me onto the solid road of the opening up to the inner consciousness.

I experienced firsthand visions, voices, and outside forces of relayed messages, and this deep all-knowing.

I discovered the clarity of the universal laws, between the feelings and the emotions, on all the subjects relating to the wants and don’t wants.

I learnt to go into the feelings on any given momentum of thought pattern.

I understood that the emotion I was feeling was not the disappoint-er on an outcome, but the insight to take me to a higher vibration.

I learnt to listen to my thoughts, and to the thoughts that came through out of the blue.

I learnt that these thoughts were building a momentum of thought into more thoughts.

I had a strong desire, and my focus was imagining it into being, and following the transmitting and transponding feelings that were being given or shown.

This is a powerful interaction guidance system of which we all should be aware of, but highly disregarded.

To obtain knowing in thought, and how thoughts interact with all that you do in every moment of the NOW is right NOW is where it is all at.

It is the expansion of your thoughts into pure positive thoughts, it is enjoying every moment of the NOW, it is seeing every moment as an expansion of your thoughts, and the contrasting thoughts that come into play are for greater expansion of thinking it better, seeing it better, it is identifying the thoughts and the mood which you are in, it is seeing through a new set of eyes.

It is tuning your thoughts and moods into appreciation and love. Universal law is all pure positive thoughts, it is seeing peoples different perspectives and views to where they are at with compassion in knowing where they are is okay, and you having no conflicting thoughts in where they are at, it is identifying that they too are on an expansion path, and they too will identify where they are going when they are ready to allow their Inner Being their Source within to captivate them.

My Previous experiences 

Business owner of a number of businesses from a  Book shop, to a Café, to a Hydraulics company, where we maintained best in sales for four years, to a Restaurant which was winner of the 2003 Wine and Food Challenge Award for Nelson-Marlborough -West Coast Region in New Zealand. Then my near death experience and what I experienced of the unseen energy changed my whole direction on life, and who we really are, to becoming a prolific writer on and about the Inner Consciousness.