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Suzanne’s story her (Near Death Experience where she was pronounced dead, and how this all came about,) is nothing short of inspiring, and reveals how a single person with a passion to make a change can influence unprecedented advances in the world around us. Her story is engaging and enlightening and certain to leave an impression.

Without any formal qualifications as a Restaurateur or in Hydraulics, but with the ability of foresight, and a strong focus with the Hydraulics Company maintained best in sales for four years within the franchise, and then to a new experience with the Restaurant being overall winner 2003 Wine and Food Challenge Award for Nelson-Marlborough -West Coast Region in New Zealand.

Then Suzanne’s near-death experience, and what Suzanne experienced of the unseen energies changed Suzanne’s direction and outlook on life, and who we really are, to becoming a prolific writer on and about the Inner Consciousness, with her books.

Suzanne always felt what we were being told was far from the truth, more so on the spiritual aspect of us all and the interpretation of what God is and how this influence created catastrophic scenarios on humanity, and how humanity interpretated the word without giving any due consideration to who and what they are and were being told, and the effects upon one’s own life.

Welcome to the great awakening, the Christ energy is arising in and everyone, and this is what you call the returning of Christ, you are all Christs. Welcome home.

New Zealand in Nelson 2007

I was pronounced deceased and woke up to see the paramedics working on the occupants of the other car


I have always had this intuitive knowing; I could sense what was really coming from people.

I see auras around people.

I see flashes of energy light either in vivid blue or laser white light and I see dark like objects moving around in my periphery vision.

I see mirage holographic images moving around inside or outside.

I have experienced some incredible astral travels, and one that exposed my soul or spirit energy  leaving my body when I was about to sleep, the vibration of this energy felt like an earthquake and my ears were going crazy with this loud noise and then I saw this energy of my arm leaving my body, when I realised what was happening I jumped out of bed and told them to stop, I lay back on the bed and it happened again, I went to the kitchen for a drink and a human image ran right past me and through the wall, I can tell you it was a surreal experience. The next day I re-laid my experience to some light workers, and they were excited for me, I can tell you I was not excited, until I learnt more about energies and vibrations, and that our bodies are a construction of vibrating energy, all created by THOUGHT.

I have never been inclined to do tarot cards; the pendulum was a tool I automatically connected with for inspiring answers to the universal consciousness.

I look forward to creating inspiring answers and ideas for motivational growth.

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